PHP LDAP Virtual Hosting Manager

Phamm is a front-end written in PHP to manage virtual services using a OpenLDAP directory back-end. A couple of scripts and tools included help you to set up services.

Download Phamm 0.6.8

Relased 2018-06-28

No longer supported

Phamm 2.0

Are you interested in the new integrated solution with commercial support?

New Phamm 2.0

Phamm is an open-source project released under GNU General Public License (GPL).

Main Features:

Plug-ins use XML descriptor files easy to customize. At this time you can find inside Phamm these tested plug-ins:

Typical use of Phamm is manage account for a mail server with virtual domain account but other uses are possible, for example manage ftp or proxy account. Phamm provide integration for different objectClass to obtain a base data single-sign-on ready.

If you are looking for a Postfix LDAP Front-end Phamm could be a good solution. Other MTA's can be used like qmail-ldap, Courier, Exim and Dovecot.

Phamm has been developed with the Apache, OpenLDAP packages. Tested on Linux and FreeBSD.


Phamm use gettext for locales support. If you with to contribute please use last Template file phamm.pot.

At this time these languages are supported: English, Italian, German, Spanish, Vietnamese, Polish and Russian